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Goal Scoring/Battle Summer Camp - Huntsville  Ice Hockey · Any Summer Camps

State - City:
AL - Huntsville
Jul 16 ’18
Jul 19 ’18
Minimum age:
7 years old
Maximum age:
16 years old
Age as of:
Jul 16 ’18
Player Fees
Regular $495.00

This camp will have a portion dedicated to skaters on the art of offensive and defensive tactics and scoring techniques and also a portion for goalies who will not only get goalie specific training but will also face tons of shots in battle and scoring situations throughout camp!

Throughout the camp we will concentrate on every component of goal scoring such as quick release, one timers, changing the angle of the puck, deception, tips, deflections, slap shots, and even breakaway moves. You will learn to incorporate skating technique and puck battle skills in an effort to develop goal scoring talent. Our focus on underrated attributes such as puck possession and body positioning around the net through competitive drills will teach you how to get the puck and keep it. These strategically designed competition drills help students concentrate on maximizing your skills in small areas all over the ice. Time and space allows average players to be good and good players to be great. That is why we want to challenge you throughout the camp in small area competitive games so that when you�???�??�?�¢??re in the game you feel like you have all the time in the world.

Conversely, on the defensive side, we will teach you how to prevent players with these tools above from gaining access to valuable property in front of your net! Skills like body positioning, stick detail, stick on puck, zone awareness and communication will be a focus point during for defensemen AND for forwards. The best players in the world can score at one end of the ice but also prevent opponents from scoring in the defensive zone.

The goalie battle portion of camp will focus on the goaltenders getting to their proper depth in the crease, finding pucks through screens, and learning how to read and react on tips/deflections. Goaltenders today need to know how to make smart decisions with numerous things happening directly in front of them and this camp will teach you just that. Goalies will be instructed on skating techniques, butterfly, save selections, positioning, puck handling and much more during this program

  • Eligible Participant Birth Years: 2000 to 2010
  • Camp Registration Fees: $495
  • Camp Schedule
  • Highlights
    • There are two 1 hour and 20 minute ice sessions each day
    • Off ice time includes physical training and games, video analysis and report cards, and team building
    • Camp jersey provided
    • Lunch provided

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